Here To Help

The global demand for diagnostic imaging and MRI scanning services is rising dramatically year-on-year. This has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

…It may be that your MRI waiting lists are now escalating in line with national trends.

…Perhaps ‘downtime’ due to scanner replacement or repair is hightening  the problem.

…If you require a swift solution to manage MRI waiting times then we are here to help.

Our patient-focused scanning service will help to resolve your capacity concerns in a precise and cost effective manner.

We offer a unique service to Public and Private Sector hospitals/CCGs with advanced imaging technology and experienced staff ready to meet your short or medium term needs.

The InPhase team will work closely with you to provide a mobile service that fits your exact requirements and acts as a seamless extension to your current clinical operation.

Quality Assured

We are an ISO9001 certified company offering quality management solutions that are subject to regular audit. We only employ qualified and registered staff with unparalleled levels of NHS derived expertise. All of our MRI Radiographers have over 10 years of clinical experience and hold a post-graduate certificate in MRI.

Our state of the art imaging systems improve diagnostic outcomes and support a patient focused care pathway that we believe is second-to-none.

Image quality is paramount and we fully understand the commitment required to provide diagnostic imaging of the highest possible standard. Furthermore, our team pride themselves in offering a friendly, thorough and skilled service for all patients, every day. We always put patients first. We believe in systematic analysis of the service we provide, enabling us to readily adapt our protocols to ensure maximum value for our loyal customers.

Exceptional Value

  • We offer a unique and extended 16-hour working day at a price competitive with 12-hour tariffs from all other mobile providers. This provides over 30% additional scanning capacity per day, without compromising on quality.
  • We provide our customers with ultra-high quality imaging where and when needed using state of the art 1.5T Philips Ingenia and Siemens Aera scanning suites which have a wide bore for added patient comfort. We are able to offer both mobile and modular/static solutions.

  • In addition to the routine case mix we pride ourselves on the ability to scan complex Oncology, Vascular, Cardiac, Neurological, Arthrography and Ward cases at no additional cost.
  • For added patient comfort we are able to provide a modern and climate controlled mobile waiting area with cannulation facilities and drinks provision. This bespoke waiting area strongly facilitates our ability to provide an extended working day.
  • All imaging can be seamlessly linked to all PACS networks using our Visbion interface or can be archived to view at your convenience.
  • We offer a 5-day turnaround Reporting Service with highly competitive case rates for all body regions.
  • We promise to be a truly patient focused organisation and want to give each individual an exemplary MRI experience.
  • Our service involves site specific start-up meetings to ensure that we share a common vision of what is required and how the service will run. We always explicitly agree operational standards with new customers.
  • Weekly reports of key performance indicators will be provided and regular review meetings undertaken to discuss patient and Radiologist feedback.
  • Finally, we offer exceptional service reliability with hands-on support and a same-day issue resolution strategy wherever possible.